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EyeOptics Optometry Center | Family Optometrist in Elk Grove

Our eye care center in Elk Grove, California, offers a full range of eye health services to clients of all ages, from children to older adults. With a complete array of expert eye care services, EyeOptics Optometry Center is dedicated to helping you enjoy healthy eyes and sharp vision.

Whether you need a new pair of eyeglasses or treatment for eye disease, our Elk Grove optometric team provides cutting-edge eye and vision care.

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Friendly and professional staff.
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- Larry B.
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Quality Care & Treatment

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Dry Eye Treatment

Have red, itchy, and red eyes? We offer effective treatment from mild to severe dry eye syndrome. Whether it’s an occasional irritant or chronic and debilitating, we can help. Get to the root of your dry eyes and get the relief you seek by contacting us for a full diagnosis and a treatment plan that’s right for you! With EyeOptics Optometry Center, you're in good hands.

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Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy is an individualized regimen comprising eye exercises and specialized techniques aimed at addressing non-refractive vision problems such as eye alignment and lazy eye. At EyeOptics Optometry Center, each program is customized to suit the unique needs of the individual, enhancing their visual capabilities effectively.

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Quality Eyeglasses

At EyeOptics Optometry Center, we provide you with the very best range of top designer glasses at the most competitive prices, backed by exceptional levels of service. Our Elk Grove friendly and professional opticians will help you find something that fits your personal style so you can go out feeling confident and ready to take on the day, every day!

Popular Eye Care Services

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Contact Lenses

When it comes to contact lenses, one size does not fit all. We'll properly fit your contact lenses, so you can feel comfortable and see clearly. We offer a variety of contact lenses, such as daily and monthly disposables as well as multifocal/bifocal contacts.

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Eye Exams

Comprehensive exams are key to healthy long-term vision. Our board-certified optometrists provide comprehensive eye exams for kids, teenagers & patients of all ages, including children with special needs.

Meet Our Eye Doctors

The Optometrists at EyeOptics Optometry Center apply the most recent, proven medical treatments, offering exceptional outcomes in eye care.

Sharon Yurko, OD
Sharon Yurko, OD
Christy Curtis, OD
Christy Curtis, OD
Maggie Wong, OD
Maggie Wong, OD
Jasmine Ly, OD
Jasmine Ly, OD
Camille Weissenberg, OD
Camille Weissenberg, OD

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